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New Smeal Program to Help Hospitality Execs Leverage Big Data

Aug 11, 2014 "Big Digital Marketing for Hospitality" launches in October

A new program from Penn State's Smeal College of Business will help hospitality executives leverage big data to increase marketing performance.

The new executive program, "Big Digital Marketing for Hospitality," is aimed at upper-middle and senior executives who are working in sales and operations functions, and who are responsible for product delivery or customer service. The program will use lectures and hands-on exercises to help participants create an action plan, so that they can integrate a strategy upon their return to the office.

"Information technology represents one of the largest areas of capital expenditure within the hospitality industry,” according to Maria Taylor, director of Penn State Executive Programs. "Through this program, participants can begin seeing big data as a strategic enabler from which can come service enhancements, product differentiations, and new revenue streams."

To help participants see and leverage the value of big data, the program will touch on topics including "Big Data Basics to Better Understand Customer Behavior," "Digital Marketing for Competitive Advantage," "Navigating the New Digital Advertising Arena," and "Understanding the Legalities of Digital Marketing Practices."

The program will launch on October 2nd in Philadelphia.

For more information, please see the Smeal press release announcing the launch of Big Digital Marketing for Hospitality.

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