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Havard to Launch an Executive Program in Behavioral Economics

Sep 2, 2014 Program to cover principles of psychology, judgement, and economics

Beginning in November, Harvard Business School Executive Education will offer an executive program in behavioral economics, an emerging field that studies how people make decisions based on psychology and other cognitive factors.

The new program, "Behavioral Economics: Designing Strategic Solutions for Your Customer and Your Organization," will take place over one week and cover topics in psychology, judgment, and economics. The "program will explore how business leaders can better predict the behaviors of competitors and consumers, as well as implement actionable frameworks within their organizations to drive better productivity and positive outcomes from both employees and managers," according to a statement from Harvard.

Participants will come away with the new program a framework that will allow them to interpret, analyze, and leverage insights from behavioral economics to improve organizational decision-making.

Harvard's "Behavioral Economics: Designing Strategic Solutions for Your Customer and Your Organization" is set to launch on November 9th. For more information, please see the executive program webpage.

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