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Columbia to Offer a Digital Storytelling Workshop

Sep 18, 2014 One-day seminar to launch in October

Columbia Business School Executive Education has announced that it plans to offer an executive education program that focuses on digital storytelling strategy.

"Digital Storytelling Strategy" will help executives leverage the potential of storytelling in order to better understand the digital media ecosystem and what it takes to communicate within it.

Many managers are increasingly facing challenges as traditional outreach efforts become less effective in today's internet and social-media driven world. "As media-savvy audiences begin to tune out advertising messages but look for immersive entertainment experiences, the way businesses need to tell stories is changing,” says Frank Rose, who will teach on the program.

The one-day program will include a mix of talks, discussions, and hands-on workshops. It is aimed at senior-level executives who work in brand marketing, corporate strategy, or media and entertainment roles. It's offered in partnership with Columbia University School of the Arts.

The program will launch on October 21st in New York City.

For more information, please see Columbia's Digital Storytelling Strategy seminar webpage.

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