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RSM to Offer an Executive Education Program in Storytelling

Dec 30, 2014 One-day course to launch in April

Erasmus University's Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) will launch a one-day executive education program in storytelling, according to the school's website.

The new program is called "The Power of Storytelling," and aims to help leaders create business value by leveraging storytelling. 

"Stories rekindle relationships and make business personal,” says Nicolas Constantinesco, who will teach on the program.

“Good businesses build and sustain relationships with their customers and communities through stories. And employees find belonging at work through stories.”

The program will cover storytelling's relationship to leadership as well as current research in the field. The school says that it will arm participants "with tangible and practical tools to dramatically enhance your personal impact."

Several other business schools offer executive programs or workshops that help leaders become better storytelllers. The UK's Cranfield School of Management, for instance, offers a one-day course called "Winning Hearts and Minds: Storytelling for Professional Managers," which delves into the history of storytelling and helps leaders develop their physical and vocal presence.

Earlier this year, Columbia Business School launched a one-day program called "Digital Storytelling Strategy," which aims to help executives break through today's media inundation with good stories.

RSM's new program is aimed at a wide range of participants, including consultants, managers, and entrepreneurs. It will be launched on April 24th, in Rotterdam. The course will be offered again on October 22nd.

For more information, please see RSM's "The Power of Storytelling" course webpage.

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