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Stanford Announces New Program for Education Leaders

Feb 5, 2015 Program aimed at superintendents and other team members

The Stanford Graduate School of Business has partnered with the Stanford Graduate School of Education to launch a new executive education program aimed at school district leaders.

The new program is called "Executive Program for Education Leaders," and will help educators develop their strategic thinking and problem-solving skills. It will also help foster collaboration between leaders:

The "program fosters collaboration, giving space and time for leaders to build relationships and create networks that support continued learning," says Rebecca Katz, who's the executive director of  the Stanford Educational Leadership Initiative.

"It can often be lonely in these leadership roles and these supports are crucial to success."

The "Executive Program for Education Leaders" will take place over year and involve a mix of online and in-class components. School superintendents and two to three team members from their central offices are invited to intend, although admissions are selective. 

The program is scheduled to begin in July 2015; the admission deadline is April 1st.

For more information, please see the Stanford news report announcing the launch of the Executive Program for Education Leaders.

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