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Georgetown, ESADE, and SDA Bocconi Launch New Advanced Management Program

Feb 12, 2015 Program to take place across three continents

Georgetown University's McDonough School of Management has partnered with Spain's ESADE Business School and Italy's SDA Bocconi to launch a new a new advanced management program.

The new program is called the "Global Advanced Management Program," and is aimed at senior executives in international organizations or those who are about to step into the international market.

"Managers and businesspeople need global, updated, smart knowledge to drive their organizations in challenging markets and dynamic environments," says  Sandro Castaldo, director of the Executive Education Open Programs Division at SDA Bocconi School of Management

The new executive education will be delivered over three one-week long modules, with one module every two months. Each module will be held in a different locations.

The first module, which will take place on Georgetown's campus in Washington, D.C., will give an overview of the global marketplace. The second module, which is hosted by the Shanghai-based Antai College of Economics and Management, will examine global business modules. And the third module will take place on ESADE's Madrid campus and focus on leadership skills.

The first offering of the program will begin on July 12th. For more information, please see the Global Advanced Management Program website.

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