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Rutgers Launches Executive Education Program in Viral Video Marketing

Mar 9, 2015 Program to be delivered entirely online

Rutgers Business School Executive Education has announced that it will launch an executive education program with a focus on viral video marketing, according to the school.

The program is called "Viral Video Marketing: Social Sharing Demystified," and it will take place entirely online. 

"Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to plan, create and deploy media that has a strong chance of being shared and 'going viral,'" according to a statement from the school.

This knowledge will help participants more effectively develop social-media marketing strategies and increase brand awareness, among other takeaways.

"Marketers, creative professionals, brand managers and others who complete the program will understand the truths and myths surrounding viral media, and best practices when creating shareable media," says Jennie Fine, the program's manager.

The Viral Video Marketing program is aimed at a range of professionals, including marketers, brand managers, and other creative agents.  

The program's learning experience will include a mix of video lectures, exercises, quizzes, video reviews, and other elements. The inaugural offering of the program will begin on April 20th.

For more information, please see the Viral Video Marketing: Social Sharing Demystified program webpage.

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