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RSM Offering New Executive Program in Big Data

Oct 14, 2015 New program to launch in November

Erasmus University's Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) has announced that is offering a new big data-themed executive education program in November.

The new program, "Leadership Challenges with Big Data," will help participants understand data techniques that they can use to meet business objectives.

To do so, curriculum in the new program will cover a wide range of topics, addressing everything from the current technologies used in data analysis to company-specific data applications.

Leadership Challenges with Big Data is aimed at a number of different participant types, including those current engaged with data science or analytics techniques as well as senior executives and those who supervise big use applications.

The program will launch on November 5, and is eight days long, spread over three sessions.

For more information, please see RSM's Leadership Challenges with Big Data program webpage.

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