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University of Cape Town to Launch Course in Entrepreneurship

Jan 9, 2013 New program to help prepare participants to secure investment

The University of Cape Town's Graduate School of Business has launched a new executive course that will help entrepreneurs get their new businesses off the ground.

The new program, "Find - Make - Grow - Realize," promises to provide participants with "a deep understanding of the high-growth investment process," according to the course webpage. The program takes place over four sessions over the course of a month, and covers a mix of class discussion, theory, and case studies. 

"Find - Make - Grow - Realize" is aimed at "anyone with a vested interest in entrepreneurship and business building  – Southern African start-ups, entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, CxO’s of Small to medium-sized businesses, investment professionals, management consultants, research institutions, development funding institutions, board members of early-stage growth companies and angel investors," according to the course webpage.

The first offering will take place starting on February 4, 2013. For more information, please see the "Find - Make - Grow - Realize" course page.

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