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Manchester and Center for Creative Leadership Launch Joint Program

Sep 12, 2013 Global Fellows Program to help leaders create shared value

Manchester Business School and the Center for Creative Leadership will launch a joint executive program starting in 2014, according to statements from both organizations.

The new program will be titled "Global Fellows Program: Leadership for Societal Impact," and will take place in four modules over the course of 10 months. The modules will take place in Palo Alto,  Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), Windsor (UK) and Shanghai. 

The program aims to help leaders pursue a commitment to developing a leadership strategy that integrates the concept of shared value. The program will begin next June.

Those interested can attend an information session to learn more about the program. Upcoming events will take place in London on October 10th and in Brussels on October 11th.

For more information, please see the Global Fellows Program website.

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