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Penn State - Smeal Launches Two Executive Programs in Supply Chain

Mar 25, 2014 Both programs to begin in June

Penn State - Smeal has announced the launch of two new supply chain-themed executive education programs: "Supply Chain Analytics," and Transportation Operations and Sourcing."

Supply Chain Analytics will help participants better understand supply chain and logistics issues through data analysis. The content will cover various topics in analytics, including developing strategies for data collection, and parsing data about products, customers, inventory, and suppliers. Supply Chain Analytics will launch on June 3rd.

Transportation Operations and Sourcing will provide a functional basis for understanding and managing transportation operations. Accordingly, the course will cover foundational topics like terminology, pricing, and negotiating freight needs. This program is specifically designed for those new to transportation field, but those who have already worked in the field can benefit as well. Transportation Operations and Sourcing is set to launch on June 5th.

Both programs are two days long and are jointly offered with Smeal's Center for Supply Chain Research. Smeal is listed as a top business school for supply chain management by FIND MBA.

For more information, please see Penn State news coverage of the two new executive programs.

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